About Us

About Us

About AudiCare Dental Workshops

At AudiCare Dental Workshops, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the dental care landscape. Founded by Dr. Fabio Audi Goncalves, a seasoned dental professional with over three decades of experience, our institution is driven by a singular mission: to address the prevalent issue of dental anxiety and fear.

Our Commitment

At AudiCare Dental Workshops, we are committed to transforming dentistry through innovation, empathy, and education. Our vision, mission, and values form the bedrock of our endeavor to revolutionize dental care, empowering professionals and enhancing patient experiences.

Our vision is to create a world where dental care is synonymous with compassion, understanding, and excellence. We strive for a future where every patient feels heard, respected, and empowered during their dental journey.


We are committed to empowering dental professionals through comprehensive training and education. Our mission is to equip these professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage emotional barriers in patients, elevating the quality of care and improving patient outcomes.

Our Values

Compassion and Understanding

We believe in fostering a compassionate environment where patient care goes beyond technical treatment, emphasizing overall well-being and comfort.

Innovation and Excellence

We strive for excellence by continually innovating our training programs to reflect the latest research and best practices in dental anxiety management.

Collaboration and Education

We value collaboration with dental schools, associations, and healthcare organizations to integrate our training into broader educational frameworks.

Patient-Centered Approach

Our approach is centered on understanding patient needs, especially for those dealing with dental anxiety and special needs, ensuring a comfortable and positive experience.

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Our Team

Driving Dental Care Transformation.

AudiCare Dental Workshops stands at the forefront of transforming dental care. Led by Mr. Fabio Audi Goncalves and Mr. Renato Salviato Fajardo, our team amalgamates decades of academic expertise and practical experience to elevate dental education and patient care to unprecedented levels.

Dr. Fabio Audi Goncalves

Dental Expertise and Patient-Centric Approach

Dr. Fabio Audi Goncalves spearheads AudiCare Dental Workshops with over 30 years of dental expertise. His academic journey in dentistry, complemented by specialized studies in restorative and aesthetic dentistry, establishes the cornerstone of his patient-focused approach.

Integration of Psychological Insights

His unique psychoanalytic training enables seamless integration of psychological aspects into dental practice, particularly in addressing dental anxiety and phobias, significantly enhancing patient experiences.

Career Span and Advocacy

Having navigated various roles in dentistry, Dr. Goncalves actively engages in conferences and workshops, fostering continuous learning. Beyond education, he advocates for holistic patient care, contributing substantially to curriculum development at AudiCare Dental Workshops.

Mr. Renato Salviato Fajardo, PhD

Multifaceted Academic Acumen

Mr. Renato Salviato Fajardo enriches the AudiCare team with a breadth of knowledge encompassing dentistry, psychology, public health, and materials science. His diverse academic journey is intricately aligned with AudiCare's core objectives.

Insightful Global Perspectives and Research Orientation

With extensive studies in international health and addressing public health disparities, Mr. Fajardo’s postdoctoral endeavors emphasize his expertise in transcultural and interdisciplinary health approaches. His role as a consultant and guest lecturer augments AudiCare's programs, championing a holistic and inclusive approach to dental education and practice.